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Soms zou het niet erg zijn als de bouw van een pand halverwege gestaakt wordt. Dat is, vanwege de schoonheid van de constructie, het geval bij dit kantoorgebouw ontworpen door Shigeru Ban Architects. Maar goed, ook nu dit gebouw met een 7 verdiepingen tellende houten constructie af is, is het een aanwinst in de stad Zurich. Het kind in de constructeur moet naar boven gekomen zijn.

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Congratulations to Shigeru Ban for winning the 2014 Pritzker Architecture Prize. 


Centre Pompidou-Metz | Shigeru Ban & Jean de Gastines

Location: Lorraine, France


Shigeru Ban: Pritzker 2014 | via

Shigeru Ban, a Tokyo-born, 56-year-old architect with offices in Tokyo, Paris and New York, is rare in the field of architecture.

In the Jury’s words: “Since its establishment thirty-five years ago, the goal of the Pritzker Architecture Prize is to recognize living architects for excellence in built work and who make a significant and consistent contribution to humanity. Shigeru Ban, the 2014 laureate, reflects this spirit of the prize to the fullest.

He is an outstanding architect who, for twenty years, has been responding with creativity and high quality design to extreme situations caused by devastating natural disasters. His buildings provide shelter, community centers, and spiritual places for those who have suffered tremendous loss and destruction. When tragedy strikes, he is often there from the beginning, as in Rwanda, Turkey, India, China, Italy, and Haiti, and his home country of Japan, among others.

His creative approach and innovation, especially related to building materials and structures, not merely good intentions, are present in all his works. Through excellent design, in response to pressing challenges, Shigeru Ban has expanded the role of the profession; he has made a place at the table for architects to participate in the dialogue with governments and public agencies, philanthropists, and the affected communities. His sense of responsibility and positive action to create architecture of quality to serve society’s needs, combined with his original approach to these humanitarian challenges, make this year’s winner an exemplary professional.”

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